Version: 7.x.x


Does it only work with HTML?

It works with HTML, but you can also use it to generate templates of any language, like Markdown.

How big is Squirrelly?

Squirrelly is about 2KB gzipped, so it shouldn't affect your code size much. The runtime is even smaller: 953 Bytes gzipped!

Why should I use Squirrelly instead of another template engine like Handlebars or Pug?

Squirrelly has a number of features that set it apart from the competition:

  • It's faster than most templating engines
  • It supports user-defined helpers and native helpers
  • It supports filters
  • It supports partials
  • It's incredibly lightweight: in comparison: the full version only weighs about 2 KB gzipped, compared to Pug's 237 KB and Handlebars' 21.5 KB
  • It works with other languages than HTML
  • It's not whitespace sensitive

For more information, see Why Squirrelly?