Many template engines offer you the option to Compile (which just renders your template) or Precompile (which turns your template into a function ahead of time). Squirrelly precompiles automatically, but is still faster than other engines.


var myTemplate = 'Hi, my name is {{name}}'
var compiled = Sqrl.Compile(myTemplate)
//Returns an anonymous function:
function anonymous(options, Sqrl) {
var tmpltRes='Hi, my name is ';tmpltRes+=Sqrl.F.e(;
return tmpltRes
//This function can be called with options and Sqrl (Sqrl so that it can
//access helpers and filters) and will return the rendered template.
compiled({ name: 'Johnny Appleseed' }, Sqrl)
//Returns "Hi, my name is Johnny Appleseed"
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