Built-in Helpers

A list of all Squirrelly's built-in native helpers..


{{if(options.somevalue === 1)}}
Display this
Display this


each loops over an array.

Display this
The current array element is {{@this}}
The current index is {{@index}}

Helper References:

  • this: the current array element

  • index: the index of the array element


foreach loops over an object

This loops over each of an object's keys and values.
The value of the current child is {{@this}}
The current key is {{@key}}

Helper References:

  • this: the value of the current object child

  • key: the key of the current child


{{log("The value of options.arr is: " + options.arr)/}}

The log helper is a self-closing, native helper. It's turned into this code:

console.log("The value of options.arr is: " + options.arr);

The log helper can be extremely helpful for debugging.



Setting custom tags can be really helpful when writing in a language such as LaTek.


{{js(options.newvalue = options.oldvalue + 983 * 2)/}}