Squirrelly is a template engine written in JavaScript.

With Squirrelly, you can write templates that are blazing fast and can be rendered in milliseconds, server-side or client-side.

Squirrelly doesn't just limit you to HTML--you can use it with any language, and custom delimeters make it so there aren't parsing errors. It's also tiny (~2.5 KB gzipped), has 0 dependencies, and is blazing fast.

Did you know that Squirrelly is consistently faster than most other template engines, according to benchmarks?

Simple Template:

var myTemplate = "<p>My favorite kind of cake is: {{favoriteCake}}</p>"
Sqrl.Render(myTemplate, {favoriteCake: 'Chocolate!'})
// Returns: '<p>My favorite kind of cake is: Chocolate!</p>


{{if(options.somevalue === 1)}}
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Display this
The current array element is {{@this}}
The current index is {{@index}}